Lesson of the day: Learn How to Play

Greetings my Fellow Newbies! I know it’s been a couple of weeks, but I’ve been crazy busy balancing the whole work, family.  I will be the first to admit that this is super fucking hard for me.  I’m a workaholic by nature, always wanting the gold star and the worst part?  I enjoy my job so for me this whole Real Estate thing is FUN.   That means that someone wants to see a house I’m like “YAAAAASSSSSS!!!”  and I’m off in my car.   And with that, I segue into this little gem…

Peyton Manning

Over the weekend I attended my brokerage’s Centennial Celebration.  Peyton Manning was the special guest in attendance.  He talked about how he works his ass off and while he didn’t necessarily start out as the greatest football player [DISCLAIMER: I DON’T REALLY WATCH FOOTBALL, BUT I KNOW ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT PEYTON MANNING PLAYS IT AND HAS WON AT LEAST ONE SUPERBOWL) but he worked hard and got to Superbowl status.  There were several guys at the celebration that were like “Hey, he BUILT this stadium.”  (The Centennial Celebration was held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.)

The people that do the best in this business are the people that love it.  And honestly? This business isn’t for everyone.  It’s tough.  It’s rough.  There WILL be days where you want to shut off your phone, curl up in bed and tell everyone to fuck off.  You should totally feel free to do that.  HOWEVER, if you’re a newbie and you’re having more days like that then not?  You may not be cut out for this gig.  Or, you could totally need a mindset shift.

Today’s lesson is that you NEED NEED NEED to learn how to play.  You will absolutely need to take days off.  You will absolutely need to plan vacations.  You will absolutely need to build good relationships with colleagues in our office so you can take these vacations without being bugged to death by clients.  But I also have to tell you that if you have a listing and you take a vacation, you will invariably get an offer and sell that house on vacation.  It’s like one of those laws of the universe or something.  It’s happened to me multiple times.  It happens without fail.  SO, I guess that’s the universes way of saying “TAKE VACATIONS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!”

Another thing you can do is set a specific time where you turn your phone off each night.  I don’t answer my phone (unless it’s family or friends) after 8pm.  This, my newbies, is called setting boundaries.  Once you set those boundaries, stick with them.  Make sure that your clients know your boundaries, too.  If you don’t, I promise you that they will call you at 10pm, right after you’ve had one glass of wine too many and you are of no use to them.  So yeah, don’t answer the phone after like 8pm.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a client, a lender, whomever.  If it’s a lender, chances are likely you can’t do anything after 6pm anyway, so there’s no point.   And honestly?  There’s nothing that can’t wait until the next morning if they’re calling you that late.

OH, and totally make sure that you turn off your ringer!  If you didn’t already know, you’d be surprised at how many people surf the web in the middle of the night looking at houses.  You’ve probably got Zillow, and if you do you absolutely will get those middle of the night notifications on your phone.  If I remember proper, there is a way to stop them from happening during certain hours, but yeah- make sure you’ve got your ringer silenced just in case.

So the recap?  Make sure you are taking time for yourself, okay?  You want to make sure you still love what you do a year from now and not be the newbie that is totally burned out.  I will leave you with a wonderful pic of me and my hubby all dressed up at the Centennial Celebration.   Have a great day, newbies!




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