Three years in…

“I think I’m going to San Diego at some point this year.”  I said climbing out of our less than a year old Nissan Rogue.  It was Monday- grocery day.  I was already starting to feel a slight burn in my legs from the workout I just underwent.  It was my first day back at strength training after about a month and a half.  Note to self: don’t do that again. Consistency, as with anything, is certainly the key.

“Why San Diego?” My husband asked (we always do grocery shopping together).

“I think LCA live is going to be in San Diego.  Nick was talking about scouting locations in SoCal, so yeah… road trip!  Or, rather plane trip.”  I said.  My husband’s face blanched and instantly I reminded him that LCA was Lab Coat Agents – an amazing Facebook group for Realtors to network, ask questions and generally be supportive.  Nick was Nick Baldwin, aka “Batman” as I had decided to call him based on his affinity for Batman.  I had been lucky enough to meet both Nick and the other LCA founder, Tristan Ahumada, at a mixer in Las Vegas the year previous.  While I totally found myself fangirling over both of them and feeling like I was totally crashing a Keller Williams family reunion event [Author Note: I have decided that I 100% love crashing other brokerage’s events.  It gives me a chance to totally scope out the competition and develop a reparté of sorts.  Not to mention NETWORKING!!! Love love LOVE the networking!], both Tristan and Nick were welcoming and the whole event definitely had me out of my comfort zone.

What?! Ms. Social Butterfly?! The happy-go-lucky, nothing phases her, networking machine that is Jess?! Feeling out of her comfort zone?!  Yep.  Not just yep, but oh hell yeah I was out of my comfort zone.

I was in the middle of my second full year of real estate.   The people around me were multi-million dollar producers.  Some of them were what I considered Real Estate Royalty. So what the fuck was I doing here?   Honestly?  While internally I was pulling a Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”  Externally, I hit the bathroom, pulled up my pantyhose, walked back out, grabbed my hubby’s arm and did what any scared shitless newbie who had just recently had an amazingly strong absinthe cocktail would do- I walked in like I owned the place.

Tristan and Nick, who knew me as Borino’s protege (Borino is my real estate mentor/coach- the man is amazing!!) and from my constant posting on Borino’s group, Real Estate Rockstars, were instantly warm and welcoming,  telling me “Get out there! Meet some people!”  And, as my hubby the introvert, hung by the bar (or at times, trailed behind a couple of feet) I got to work.  After a couple of hours of talking and quite literally bouncing around the room, I had met a crap ton of people, ran out of business cards and, above all, gotten out of my comfort zone.

That was in my second year of real estate.  Second.  Two.  One, two.  TWO.  I’m in year three.  I JUST renewed my license for the first time.  I was Rookie of the Year and now, well… come February (that’s when my office awards are), you’ll get to see what I’ve done this year.

This kind of brings me back to San Diego.  I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions.  I usually don’t make them.  This year, I’ve got a few goals that I want to accomplish.  For starters, I want to do more learning and networking.  The only way I’m going to be able to do that is if I go to these real estate things.  I wanted to go to LCA a couple of years ago and was even invited to go.  I didn’t go.  I was invited to another Real Estate event in Los Angeles back in November.  I didn’t go.  I have been of the mentality that I don’t really want to go to these things without my hubby.   And, now let’s travel back to the Costco parking lot and the conversation that started this whole thing…

“You should go.”  Hubby said.  I scrunched up my face in that whole I-don’t-wanna, little kid type way.  “I have a feeling you’re going to get invited to a lot of these this year.”

Wait, what? Why would I be invited?  “That’d be nice.  I just… I don’t wanna go without you. It’s no fun.”  I told him.  I love traveling with my husband.  I love having adventures with my husband.  Traveling without him? Since we got married 15 years ago I have only taken a few overnight trips without him.  Each time, while I had fun, I was all mopey because he wasn’t there sharing the experience with me.

“Suck it up, Stone.”  He said.  “You’re going to go to a lot of these things and you’re going to love it.”  I love my husband.   “And one of these days you’re gonna talk at one of these things.”

“Talk?! What the hell have I got to say?”  I was flabbergasted.

I’ve been in Real Estate a whole of 3 years.  What have I got to say?  It wasn’t until three whole days later that it hit me… I’m a consumate ball of positive energy.  I’m non-stop with the cheerleading.  No matter what is going wrong, I can always find the positivity in the situation.  I can always learn when things go horribly awry and I can think outside the box like a mofo when things get complicated and need an unconventional solution.  I have PLENTY to say.  And then it hit me – I’m the plucky, comedy relief!  I can also knock off the “try doing stand-up comedy” portion of my bucket list!  So, okay!  Let’s do this!!

In order to actually get invited to talk at these things, though, I gotta put myself out there as a newbie.  I have to say “Hey, I’ve got something of value to share!”  Or, as in terms that my only-child self prefers: “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!”

So, yeah, look at me people!  I’m going to share some stuff!!

Above pictures:  Left – photos from my “wall of awesome” (more on that in another post.) The top pic is Nick Baldwin and myself.  Bottom is Tristan Ahumada and myself.  The picture on the Right was Tristan & Nick handing out door prizes at the LCA mixer at the The Pink Taco, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Those guys are Real Estate Royalty.


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